Research exchange meeting @ Akita (Baba lab)

Research exchange meeting @ Akita (Baba lab)

It is Mr. Hayakawa of Masters Baba Laboratory 1 year.
Continuing from last Niijima, Yokosuka last time, this time it is travel blogging blog.

The place I visited this time is the Onsen Ryokan in Akita Prefecture. I do not think that it is a truly genuine trip …

Atmosphere that something starts …

It seems that various research on electric power system is being announced. (The presenter is Mr. Yokoyama Lab’s M2, two hosts are Baba Labs)

Although the introduction became long, I participated in the association called systematic research exchange party in late last month.
The systematic research exchange meeting, which celebrated its nth time (I do not know the exact number of times, but it is going to be held for a long time), as the name implies, is a group of laboratories that conduct research on electric power system, This year, we received the secretary at Tohoku University, Tokyo University of Technology, Tokyo City University, Sophia Univ., Toyama Univ, and Tokyo University such as Yokoyama Laboratory and Baba Lab. Gathered. It is the front line laboratory which is studying electric power system everywhere.
In the research presentation held on the first day afternoon and on the second morning, I presented my research content, before the teachers who each college’s students mentioned. Both research fields are very close and we are interacting every year. In the question and answer session, many teachers flew a lot of precise and sharp questions from the teachers. Honestly, all the sharp questions above the academy were. Although I also made a presentation, although my research field is close, I was surprised to find a sharp question in my research content that I will hear for the first time.
And at night we had dinner at the inn.

I talked a lot with my college teachers and students.

A tour was held on the second afternoon. What a destination is Joshin’s Noshiro rocket experiment site! (I’d like to post pictures, but I forgot to post permission, so I omit …)
The Noshiro rocket experiment site has facilities to conduct burning tests such as solid rocket motors and liquid hydrogen rocket engines, and it is an important place in the research and development of the space propulsion engine in Japan. (We apologize to everyone that we can only explain the childish things while keeping the aviation system … …)
Why did you decide to visit the Noshiro rocket test site at the system research exchange meeting because there is a demonstration facility in the experiment site to build a hydrogen society in relation to handling liquid hydrogen fuel. So it should have been main to see the hydrogen facility, but after all the equipment of the burning test is more powerful, most people seems to have left the impression there.

Although there are exchanges with other universities at academic conferences, there are not many opportunities for exchange. It was very exciting to meet with such teachers and students who are doing similar research at other universities at such exchange meeting and to talk with students. I would like to participate again next year.

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