MR2018 International Conference held at Princeton University!

MR2018 International Conference held at Princeton University!

Phenomenon in which lines of magnetic force are connected in plasma = magnetic reconnection. It is a local phenomenon, but it is a necessary phenomenon when Era Changes the magnetic field structure, it is a necessary phenomenon, because the tethering causes a huge plasma heating, in recent years attention has gained attention both in the universe, the sun, and the artificial sun research . Researchers from pioneering experiments, solar observations, space observations, theory and murion gathered together, and each year we are holding an international conference called Mgantic Reconnection 20 XX (MR 20 XX). Following the conference of Ehime and Matsuyama last March, this time it was from September 4th to 8th at the Main Campus of Princeton University. , US-Japan Workshop of Magnetic Reconnection, USA side: Prof. Princeton University H. Ji and others Japan side: Tokyo University cooperated, about 100 researchers gathered in Europe and Asia in Japan and the United States gathered, and the magnetic field lines The fundamental problems such as what mechanism causes the large heating by the mechanism and why the speed is faster than the prediction, how the transition affects the explosion phenomenon of the sun and the development of the black hole, A wide range of research collaborating with experiments, observations, and theories was debated until problems, and even applied research that exploits huge heating instead of bridges to realize artificial solar heating. Students also made numerous announcements mainly at posters, students and faculty members who joined Princeton University · Tokyo University Summer School who just finished were also joined and became an alumni association.

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