Lab members increased

Lab members increased

Hello everyone. It is a forest of Yoshida, Nishiura, and Saito Lab. Two new students have joined our laboratory since September. I am Hiroto Aihara, a first-year master, and Hiroki Maekaku, a fourth-year undergraduate. They have started their research life and are studying various things while conducting theoretical research on plasma.

In addition, the experimental equipment RT-1 used in the laboratory will start experimental operation next week. In particular, I plan to place a magnetic sensor inside the RT-1 vacuum vessel, measure the change in the internal magnetic field, and compare it with the diamagnetic signal of the plasma measured outside the vacuum vessel. In the previous experiment, an accident occurred in which the superconducting levitation coil fell during the discharge, so we will proceed with the experiment while carefully checking the state of the device.

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