The fusion venture Tokamak Energy has achieved 20 million degrees in ST-40 commissioning!

The fusion venture Tokamak Energy has achieved 20 million degrees in ST-40 commissioning!

By combining the two tokamak plasmas and raising the magnetic field, it is possible to achieve the target: 100 million degrees of fusion reactor establishment even with a medium-sized tokamak experiment device due to the huge heating effect of magnetic reconnection (magnetic reconnection phenomenon). Based on this scaling rule found by Ono Lab, trial operation of the ST-40 tokamak merging experiment (upper left in the photo) started with the fusion venture company Tokamak Energy.

Still, while the incomplete coalescence operation, the ion temperature alone has obtained an ion temperature of 20 million degrees. The temperature is extremely high for spherical tokamak experiments of this scale. Still, it is the future to raise the magnetic field, so we can expect results. The Todai side contributed to this in terms of knowing how to measure the ion temperature and coalescence, which was the key, and full-scale dispatch of Ono Lab students and faculty members started. At Tokyo University, the new device TS-6, which is characterized by two-dimensional measurement, is operating smoothly, and we have begun experiments in full swing to raise the magnetic field, and will be complementary experiments from the aspect of physical elucidation.

Tokamak Energy Co., Ltd. is located in the suburbs of Oxford, England, and is close to the Column Research Laboratory (upper right in the photo), which is the center of fusion research in the UK. In the evening, we all visit the English pub and enjoy ale beer.

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