Prof. Yoshida and his laboratory OB

Prof. Yoshida and his laboratory OB

Hello. I’m Yokota,  second year at the Yoshida laboratory. Finally, with the new fiscal year coming, and the new era from May will be announced, I think everyone will spend a busy daily life from what it is. The Yoshida laboratory to which I belong is also accepting new students, and it is still a busy day ahead of experiments. If I look back on the last year looking for the material of this blog during such daily life, one very big event is the final lecture of Prof. Ogawa. Mr. Yoshida, who is my supervisor, has a close relationship with Professor Ogawa, and among the teachers who were in the final lecture of Professor Ogawa, who was retired, former members of Yoshida laboratory also attended. After the lecture, OB teachers were visiting the Yoshida laboratory, and the proud expression of Yoshida-sensei surrounded by them was impressive. Well, how do you go back to preparing for the experiment when you’ve been motivated?

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