Participation to International Conference ICM2019@Ilmenau,Germany →Next:ICM2021@Kashiwa(Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory)

Participation to International Conference ICM2019@Ilmenau,Germany →Next:ICM2021@Kashiwa(Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory)

Hello, I am Seigo Wakui, a 2nd year Master student at Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory. This time I’d like to introduce the International Conference on Mechatronics (ICM) 2019 (, which was held in Ilumenau, Germany on 2019/3/18-20.

In our Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory, all new members (newly assigned first-year students) work on their research with the goal of presenting at an academic conference in March. This time 5 students, including 2 bachelor students and 3 master students, made oral presentations at ICM2019.

ICM is a biennial international conference for researchers in the field of Mechatronics. This year, the venue is Ilumenau, Germany. The readers may not be familiar with this city. Ilumenau is a rural, peaceful city in Thuringia centered around Technische Universität Ilmenau, which is 3 hours away from Frankfurt (a hub for airways) to east direction.

At the conference, we were able to hear the presentations of people from all over the world. Also, during the break time in the interval of presentations, we had the chance to discuss with researches around the world over sandwiches and coffee.

Moreover, honorably, I was awarded the Best Student Paper Award 1st Place. Although I encountered many challenges in my research, I was able to overcome them by virtue of the cooperation of laboratory members, professors, and collaborators. As my research achievement was highly prized, I was further motivated to future research (I received 500€ as the supplementary prize, but I have not decided yet what to buy … I am not sure where I can use 500€ bill ).

BTW, Fuse, first-year Doctoral student, appeared on the article of the conference of a local newspaper.

ICM2019 lasted for 3 days in total, in which on each day in the evening after the presentations there were some tours around Ilemenau. I’ d like to introduce them briefly.

Day1(3/18):Welcome Reception@Arnstadt

On the first day we visited Arnstadt, one of the oldest towns in Thuringia. Surprisingly we were welcomed by a steam locomotive on our journey. Seeing the locomotive running with dribbling smoke, I felt as if I was in the world of a novel. Arnstadt is known as the place where the famous composer Bach worked as an organ player.

Day2(3/19):Gala Dinner@Erfurt

On the second day we visited Erfurt, the  capital city of Thurigia. In the old days, Ernfurt flourished as the central place for the production of blue dye, which was said to be as valuable as gold. In the Gala(festival) Dinner, we enjoyed splendid dinner like roasted beef with other participants over German beer.

Day3(3/20):BMW / Porsche factory@Leipzig

On the third day we split into two groups and took part in the factory tour of BMW and Porsche respectively. I observed the manufacturing process of BWMi3, i8, the electric vehicles of BMW. To my sorrow, I cannot show the scene because I was prohibited from taking pictures. But the manufacturing process using state-of-the-art technology was very interesting.

That is the end of the introduction of ICM2019. Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory is progressively conducting joint research with colleges and institutions in Europe, and this time we had the chance to visit the research facilities of TU-Ilumenau. Funded by many sponsors, they owned many attractive experimental devices.

I’d like to finish this article with a very important announcement.

As I explained above, ICM is held biennially, and the next venue in 2021 will be Kashiwa-Campus, our home campus. The University of Tokyo will host the conference. If you are interested in going to the master course, why not challenge the world’s best research with us, and publish your achievement to the world at Kashiwa in 2021?

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