A greeting from Hongo

A greeting from Hongo

Hello, I am Nishii, a 1st year doctral student at Koizumi Laboratory. I’m writing this post on the Advanced Energy Marjos’s blog, but usually, I’m doing research at Hongo Campus.

My research theme is the small propulsion unit (engine) of artificial satellites. Taking advantage of the Hongo Campus, we are collaborating mainly with the Nakasuka and Funase laboratories of the aerospace engineering department, and also developing real satellites.
So I would like to give you a group photo of when we developed Flight Model the other day. What is shining in the middle is our water propulsion system AQUARIUS. We hope that it will reach the other side of the moon safely.

Also, the other day I went to a ski camp on February 25-26,  jointly with Kozuri and Koizumi laboratory. As I usually do not have much opportunity to get some exercise, it was a good refreshment. This is an attempt from this year, but I think that I want it to be a regular event. People at Hori-Fujimoto Lab also seem to be going to ski camp at about the same time, so we may be able to meet them somewhere in the future (laughs).

By the way, I am in the fourth year of this laboratory. Feeling the new wind of the new year (which has been a bit late), I want to do my best this year. Thank you.

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