After completing the study review

After completing the study review

Hello everyone!
I am Sekiguchi’s second year master’s degree from Okamoto Lab.
This time, I would like to introduce a part of my usual laboratory life.

In Advanced Energy Engineering, the master’s thesis review meeting was held on February 4th.
Thank you everyone!

After completing the master’s dissertation review meeting, the second-year master’s student at Okamoto Lab is preparing for the presentation at the conference on aviation and motives held in Gifu in March. At the Aerodynamics Lecture, people from the same research field and those from our laboratory are also planning to attend, and we are looking forward to it as well.
The photo shows the practice of a recent announcement. In addition to receiving advice from the teacher, the students have active discussions among students. I feel it is difficult every day to convey my research to others.
I will be preparing for the final meeting of students, so I would like to prepare well and make a presentation that will not leave a regret.

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