Resume operation of RT-1

Resume operation of RT-1

Hello everyone. I am a one-year master’s Mori in Yoshida, Nishiura, and Saito laboratories.
After completing the master’s thesis examination and graduation thesis examination of the students who belong to the laboratory, they are continuing their research towards the next goal. This time, I would like to talk about the experimental device RT-1 used in our laboratory.
Our experimental device RT-1 magnetically levitates a high temperature superconducting coil to form a dipole magnetic field. In fact, during the experiment period of December last year, the equipment for introducing helium gas to the superconducting coil failed, so we could not conduct the experiment in January. However, after the repair of the equipment was completed, the operation of RT-1 was resumed for the experiment on February 18-22. At the present, coil cooling is progressing smoothly, and students who will participate in the experiment are planning to conduct research using their respective measuring devices until the experiment that could not be performed previously.

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