Participated in ITEC 2018 @ Thailand

Participated in ITEC 2018 @ Thailand

Hello everyone! My name is Mori Hori Fujimoto Laboratory 2 years master. I am conducting research on the motion control of electric cars (in particular, the shortest time motion control assuming races by electric cars).

I recently announced the results of the research at the International Conference ITEC 2018 – AP held in Bangkok, Thailand in early June, so I would like to report on that situation!
ITEC 2018 – AP is an abbreviation of IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference 2018 Asia Pacific, and in short, it is a meeting focusing on the motorization of transportation means sponsored by IEEE. By the way, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) is an authoritative electrical and electronic engineering field with over 420,000 members in 160 countries.
This time, four people, Mr. Hori, Dr. 3 year field, Master’s 2nd year offering, 4 year undergraduate Tintin (from the same Thai · Bangkok as the venue!) Participated from this laboratory. At the international conference, we got talks and exchanged opinions from people who are familiar with many electric vehicles and electric infrastructure maintenance. Through this academic conference, I was able to deepen interactions with many people including the Thai Electric Vehicle Association and make personal connections.

Professor Hori, who is also the president of the World Electric Vehicle Association WEVA, has been invited as a key-note speaker and was 30 minutes at the iEVTech concurrently held with the society (the Minister of Energy of Thailand also participated in this conference) , I gave a one-hour lecture at Closing Talk of ITEC-AP.
In addition, Mr. Hata was awarded the Best Paper Award, with its content being evaluated in research with several presentations!
On the final day of the international conference, I participated in the Cultural Tour which the academic society had prepared. We could visit Thai historical places and buildings and enjoy delicious local dishes. This was my first visit to Thailand, but it was very exciting and enjoyable.

Thai food is sometimes hot, sweet and sour! I enjoyed a variety of tastes.(^_^)

Commemorative photo after Thai traditional dance

What we can present at the international conference is not only a great opportunity to disseminate our research results to the world, to exchange opinions and fellowship with many people, but also to touch local culture and meals I will. Since it is a very meaningful and wonderful opportunity, we encourage you to work with us and let us publish the results on the stage of the international conference!
Finally, as a big event of the electric car, the International Conference EVS (Electric Vehicle Symposium) 31 will be held in Hyogo at the end of September this year! Many students in this laboratory are planning to publish at this conference and we will also exhibit our experimental vehicles. Please do come and join us!

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