Introduction of Osaki Laboratory

Introduction of Osaki Laboratory

Hello everyone!
This time, I will introduce the laboratory of Osaki Laboratory.

Suddenly, what do you imagine at the moment everyone heard the word “superconductivity”? First of all, maybe you may think of a certain railroad company “Ale”? What?
Certainly, in the current major applications, there is the above-mentioned high-speed railway, and others are MRI etc. in the medical field.
However, in recent years not only this but also applications in various fields such as “transmission cable”, “offshore wind power generator”, and “electric propulsion type air passenger aircraft” are expected. Indeed the possibilities of infinite applications are spreading to “land, sea, sky”!

In the Osaki Laboratory, we are conducting research on high-performance equipment based on electromagnetic phenomena, including research on superconducting devices and systems, from the viewpoint of “how to apply superconducting materials”. As a research topic in recent years

1) Analysis of superconducting direct current feed cable system to be installed in direct current railway
2) Electromagnetic design of superconducting motor mounted on electric propulsion type air passenger aircraft
3) Electromagnetic design of embedded magnet type synchronous motor using high temperature superconductor
4) Development of ultra low loss superconducting bearings to be mounted on artificial satellites
5) 3D modeling of coils for superconducting fault current limiters
6) Measurement of loss characteristics of magnetic material in cryogenic environment

And so on.
Both of these presentations are made at research conferences related to superconductivity and electrical equipment to be held in Japan and abroad, and we are also submitting papers to Cryogenics and IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond.

While conducting the above research activities, we will hold a cherry-blossom viewing party, a rookie welcome party, an OB meeting (once every 2 years), a Tokyo University May Festival exhibition, a summer laboratory tour (Hokkaido, Okinawa, Hyogo etc etc), autumn leaves hunting, Kashiwa campus It is a laboratory with many unexpected (?) Events, such as public exhibition, year-end party party, chasing conversation, sweeping sweets to a certain hotel in Tokyo, snowboarding trip.

Recently, in order to let many people know the interest of superconductivity, we are putting in demonstration exhibits. Particularly at the Kashiwa public release last year and the May Festival this year, we demonstrated demonstrations of superconducting magnetically levitated radio controllers that move with smartphones using superconductors and permanent magnets using raspberry pie, which was very popular among visitors.

Also, this year’s lab travel will go to Hachijojima in August (Summer can not wait …)!

In this way, thank you for your continued patronage of the Osaki laboratory which is active in various ways (?). !

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