Introduction of research by Ono(Ryo)laboratory.

Introduction of research by Ono(Ryo)laboratory.

Ryo Ono of Advanced Energy Engineering. I will introduce the laboratory as it is the first time. Ono (Ryo) Laboratory conducts fundamental and applied research on plasma. The other day our paper was elected Highlights of 2017 of Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics ( Letters ). This is a mouse experiment showing the possibility of immunotherapy of cancer using plasma, and we are working on research on such plasma medical care. Irradiation of plasma with cancer improves immunity of the mouse against cancer and it is a study that anticancer effect against the same cancer in the whole body other than the irradiation site (although not so strong yet) is maintained for a long time. A student who comes to the laboratory visit, there are some people who are interested in this plasma medicine as it is.

When I do such research, it is occasionally thought that this is a laboratory mainly focused on biomedicine, but that is not the case. In our previous journal Highlights of 2016 we selected a review of active species measurements of our plasma and in Highlights of 2014 two plasma active species measurements and two simulation papers were selected. In this way, we are conducting applied research such as plasma medicine, with laser measurement of the reaction occurring in plasma and modeling it by simulation. Although there are some biotechnology experiment equipment, laser measurement equipment is also substantial (lower figure). The research theme of this year’s New Master’s First Grade is 3 active species laser measurements of atmospheric pressure plasma and semiconductor process plasma, 1 plasma therapy. The new graduate student is one plasma medicine and one plasma assisted burning. Research on dye-sensitized solar cells has been canceled this fiscal year because of lack of people. Measurement of atmospheric pressure plasma also relates to water treatment of plasma, and it is also related to environmental application.

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