Introduction of new laboratory.

Introduction of new laboratory.

Hello! This is Kamiishi Lab. We are studying the phenomenon that solid material breaks shockwise. The number of students belonging to this laboratory, which was recently founded in April, is as small as six at present, but we are promoting experiments and analyzes with close collaboration between students and faculty members with a small number of experts (?).

The image above is the top page of the international conference where we present research presentation in June (URL: In this academic society, we plan to announce several themes such as first grades of master’s degree, dynamic destruction of familiar material “ice” which actually does not understand at all knowingly.

Last but not least, Kamiishi Lab will also participate in the “Laboratory Tour” at the Advanced Energy Engineering Major Entry Examination Meeting to be held on May 25 (Friday) at the Hongo Campus. On that day I will briefly explain the facilities of Kamiishi Lab. Please join us if it is convenient for you.

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