New life, new discoveries

New life, new discoveries

hello! Okamoto trainee 1 year thanks.

April has passed, and May is about to end, and I’m getting used to my new life little by little.
When I visited the laboratory for the first time, I missed the fact that I couldn’t understand the difference between the basic building and the basic science experiment building.

In front of the room I usually use, there is a large Okamoto laboratory and a sticker as shown in the photo, and various things are placed on the floor, so it feels like a club room. Above all, I was surprised to find a table tennis table. Perhaps events such as table tennis competitions were held in the past.
In fact, it seems that various events were planned in my laboratory, such as barbecue, cherry blossom viewing, and hot pot party, but due to the influence of Corona, I am no longer going there …

The story changes, but if you look closely inside the elevator in the experimental building, you can see tennis and volleyball solicitation villas on the Kashiwa campus. I was surprised that there are club activities even though only graduate students are enrolled. If you have a chance, I would love to take a look.

I think there are still things I don’t know about on the Kashiwa campus, so I want to live with high sensitivity and expand my knowledge. If you look around carefully, you may find something interesting in a surprising place!

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