It’s already summer.

It’s already summer.

Hello. I’m Shuntaro Murai, a second-year trainee Saito.
Two months after the start of the new semester, new students will be living in graduate school for the first time, and second-year master’s students and above will manage to do a tremendous amount of work in classes, scholarship applications, and job hunting. I think I was spending time there. If I think that I have been released from such busyness for a while, suddenly the days of intense heat will continue, and I am wondering if this heat will continue until autumn. There are many opportunities to walk outside on the Kashiwa campus, but there is almost no shade, so be careful of heat stroke.
By the way, the good thing about Kashiwa Campus is the beautiful and comfortable nature such as the refreshing breeze that passes through the trees and the lovely little flowers that bloom in the field. I was able to go around the four seasons. So, although it’s not a memorial, I have prepared two photos that make you feel the change of the four seasons (?). The place is a small passage just after leaving the experimental building, one was taken on the day when it snowed last winter and the other was taken the other day. It’s actually summer because the temperature was over 30 degrees Celsius. By arranging the pictures of summer and winter side by side, you can see that there are many evergreen trees. Also, if you take a closer look at the photo you took the other day, you can see the excitement after the mole has passed through the ground, but it doesn’t look like a winter photo. Will moles also hibernate? In urban areas and residential areas, there aren’t many opportunities to see bare soil, so it’s kind of relaxing to see something like a mole or other small animal that you can feel the life of.
While thinking about the small animals that live in the soil, a place that can never be seen from here, I decided to do my best to survive the heat.

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