About graduate school exams

About graduate school exams

Hello. My name is Yutaka Kauchi and I belong to the Fujimoto, Shimizu, and Fujita laboratories.

This article is about the university’s graduate school exam that I experienced last year.
I lived as a so-called college student in my bachelor’s degree.
While I was satisfied with my student life there, I began to want to deepen my knowledge of research and decided to go on to university.
Before going on to university, I had vague anxieties about going on to other universities and research. However, although I have just entered the university, I am very satisfied with my current research life. I am convinced that it was the best choice without regrets because of the environment surrounded by devoted teachers and reliable students.

By the way, regarding the graduate school examination of our university, last year it had the following structure.

・ Oral examination on basic mathematics and physics
・ Oral examination for the research content that you are conducting
・ Short essay test according to the contents given in advance
・ External English test (TOEIC, TOEFL)

All of these exams were conducted online in my year of exam.
Unlike regular graduate school exams, oral exams are the main focus, so there are many opportunities to convey your own opinions. Therefore, before the test, it is important to organize the theorems, rules, research and essay contents so that they can be conveyed in your own words in a short time and effectively.
In addition, since the graduate school examination is based on information warfare, we recommend that you participate in department introductions and laboratory tours as long as time permits.

Last but not least, we look forward to your challenge and admission to the graduate school exam.

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