The start of the new year is full of blowfish

The start of the new year is full of blowfish

Hello! I’m Kato, a second year master’s student at Susukama Laboratory. It’s been hot and cold these days. I was busy thinking about classes to take in April, rushing to apply for a scholarship, and playing with my friends a lot, but I finally settled down.

Recently, I ate blowfish dishes with the members of the laboratory! Dishes such as blowfish sashimi, deep-fried blowfish, and blowfish hot pot came out, and it was all about blowfish. Most of them were new to eating blowfish, but everyone enjoyed it. Personally, I thought it was a chicken-like fish. If you are interested, please try it! (It’s a little expensive, but …)

I feel a little lonely because four of the seniors in other laboratories who meet together every week have graduated this year. I remember that I was taken care of by my seniors in my graduation research and seminars. I think all four are busy getting a job, but I’m looking forward to seeing them again. This is my last year as a master’s student, so I would like to make 2022 a year of research.

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