Ruins of Asano Campus

Ruins of Asano Campus

Hello, I’m Yuta Toda, a 1st year master’s student at Ryo Ono Lab. Most of the laboratories of the Department of Advanced Energy Engineering are located on the Kashiwa Campus, but the Ryo Ono Laboratory is located in Building No. 10 of the Faculty of Engineering, Asano Campus in the Hongo area. There are many important archaeological sites in the Yayoi period here on the Asano campus. Did you know that? A completely new style of pottery was excavated in this area in 1897, and it was named Yayoi style pottery after the place name. This time, I will introduce some of the related archaeological sites.

The first photo is the Yayoi 2-chome ruins. It is located just southeast of the Faculty of Engineering Building 10, and an archaeological excavation was conducted in 1974 when a nearby elementary school student collected earthenware pieces and shells at this location. As a result, many Yayoi pottery were excavated and designated as a national historic site. As you can see in the picture, at first glance it is just grass. If I dig here too, can I make some great discoveries?

The second photo is the commentary panel installed in the Takeda Bldg. It is said that two square tombs from the Yayoi period were excavated from this place. Unfortunately, I don’t feel any vestiges now, but it’s interesting to be able to read the commentary panel as I pass by. There are many other archaeological sites around the Asano campus besides those introduced here. When you come to Asano Campus, please try to explore the ruins.

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