This is what everyone will do (graduation safely)

This is what everyone will do (graduation safely)

Hello. I’m Miki, graduating from Yasushi Ono Lab. I’ve been indebted to me since I was in my 4th year of undergraduate school, and when I think that I’ve spent three years in this laboratory, there’s nothing complicated about it … but I think there were various things. I liked talking with various people, so I was impressed by the old laboratory talks by Professor Ono and Professor Tanabe, and the talks about my seniors and my outlook on life in sync. On the other hand, the painful memories (although I can’t give up) were still difficult to get in the mood for the experimental equipment.

Our laboratory’s research fields are economic fusion and clarifying the physics of the sun. In fields where there are many computer simulations, you can actually study using experimental equipment. In addition, three people in the same period have advanced to the doctoral course, and there is an environment where it is easy to proceed to the doctoral course. The picture is taken by a person who was in the laboratory on the day of graduation. Thank you very much for everyone.

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