Before traveling in Corona

Before traveling in Corona

Hello, this is Shirasu from Koizumi Lab M2.
I used to think that this autumn was hot, but it has suddenly cooled down in the last few days.

Personally, I’m leaving Japan this weekend to attend an international conference in Dubai next week. It’s my first time to attend an international conference, let alone give a presentation, so I’m thrilled with tension and anxiety from now on.

Since the fall of Corona, academic societies have often been held online, but the academic societies that I attend this time may be rare in the world because they are local only. You can get a glimpse of the management’s intention to hold it together with the Dubai Expo and invite many people to visit (laughs). I have been steadily proceeding with the procedure for travel, but it is complicated in relation to corona. Moreover, my actions were restricted for about two weeks after returning to Japan, and as I was preparing for my master’s thesis at the beginning of the year, the progress of my research was slowed down, and to be honest, it was painful … There is no such thing, but conversely, it is a valuable opportunity to make a local presentation at Corona, so I would like to spend a meaningful time.

I don’t have a photo to post in front of the conference yet, so I will post a photo of the airplane taken at Haneda Airport the other day instead. This is the image when I left Japan (laughs). The actual departure is not from Haneda but from Narita.

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