Days spent with a vacuum chamber

Days spent with a vacuum chamber

Hello everyone. I’m Kosuke Kobayashi from Suzuki Laboratory M2.

The recent climate is changing rapidly, with heavy guerrilla rainstorms and strong sunlight, as if it were autumn. Personally, the laundry is dried outside, so I always have to worry about when to dry it.

Now, this time, I would like to write about the experiment I am conducting at the Kashiwanoha Campus.

The photo shows a small vacuum chamber in Suzuki Laboratory. It is an indispensable companion for my research that realizes a low pressure environment of 40 Pa in less than 15 minutes.

This is because my research aims to study the basics of a new sensor that can measure the airspeed angle of a satellite during high-altitude flight in the early stages of re-entry into the atmosphere. At altitudes of 400km to 200km, where this sensor is supposed to be used, the atmosphere called the “ionosphere” is turned into plasma, and the environment is extremely low pressure. I can’t do it.

The essence of this new sensor is to measure the plasma flow rate around the satellite at multiple locations using the Faraday cup of the plasma measuring device to determine the air attitude angle of the satellite. Therefore, as the first step of this research, I am trying to investigate the measurement characteristics of the Faraday cup for the plasma flow, but in reality, I am struggling with the experimental environment setup in the previous stage.

However, I think it is an important time for me to appreciate the people in the laboratory who helped me with the experiment and to realize the importance of making steady preparations because the journey is difficult.

The last student life is half a year left. I would like to work day by day with the vacuum chamber so that I can complete the course with a clear feeling.

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