Kashiwanoha Kakedashi Yokocho

Kashiwanoha Kakedashi Yokocho

Hello, I’m Koizumi Lab. 2nd year master’s student. It’s summer after the rainy season, how are you doing?

Not long ago, I went to “Kashiwanoha Kakedashi Yokocho” at Kashiwanoha Campus Station for a meal with my laboratory colleagues. Kakedashi Yokocho is a restaurant district with about 20 restaurants. Yakitori, fried rice There are many types of restaurants such as ramen, ramen, etc., and you can enjoy the dishes of multiple restaurants by taking out.

By the way, it’s been a year since I went to Kashiwa Campus, but I went to Kakedashi Yokocho for the first time. I highly recommend it because I can relax outdoors. It may be difficult to go casually depending on the situation. No, but if you plan to come to the Kashiwa Campus in the future, please come visit us if you have the opportunity.

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