Graduate school admission

Graduate school admission

Hello! I’m Kato from Sugama Laboratory M1.
The new year has begun, but how are you all doing?

By the way, I was a freshman this year, so I attended the entrance ceremony in April. Last year it was canceled due to the influence of Corona, but this year it was held safely at Nippon Budokan. The entrance ceremony began with a congratulatory message from the Vice-President and the Vice-President, and ended with an oath from the student representative after receiving the ceremony and congratulations. The entrance ceremony was reduced in scale due to corona measures, but I think all the new students were inspired a lot.

Personally, the congratulatory message from Svante Lindqvist, the former president of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, was impressive. He talked about thanking his family, friends, and teachers for their help, not being afraid to keep trying, and what is possible because of the environment of trials. He also introduced his own English haiku and encouraged new students to move into a new academic world. The full text is posted on the University of Tokyo website, so if you are interested, please read it!

University of Tokyo Graduate School Entrance Ceremony URL

In our research activities, we hold a progress report meeting once a week with the people of Saito and Nishiura laboratories. Students from some plasma laboratories also hold seminars. We also went to see an experiment using the RT-1 device that generates magnetospheric plasma. There, I was able to confirm not only how the experiment was conducted, but also how the plasma actually emitted strongly!

There was interaction between students other than on-campus activities, and recently there was a ZOOM birthday party for laboratory members! It was refreshing to have a birthday party in the laboratory, and it was my first time to participate, but it was a lot of fun!

April was a busy day with paperwork, but it has finally settled down. Now that I am accustomed to my new life, I would like to put more effort into my research activities.

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