Conference presentation and maintenance of experimental equipment

Conference presentation and maintenance of experimental equipment

Hello, Yoshida Saito, Nishiura laboratory, is Nakazawa of the new master’s degree two years.
I would like to report that I participated in the annual meeting of the Physical Society of Japan held in March.
I made a presentation on wave propagation in the RT-1 device. Thanks to the rehearsal of the presentation in the laboratory and the advice from the teacher, I was able to make a presentation with confidence. During the question and answer session, we received questions and comments from people in various fields, and it was a very meaningful time. I would like to continue my research for the next conference presentation and the mid-term examination in July.

In addition, we performed maintenance on the RT-1 device today. I will also report on this.
The RT-1 device has many measuring instruments and ports for exhaust (first photo). I removed the largest vacuum exhaust bellows joint (the part surrounded by red), went inside the device, and upgraded and inspected the internal equipment.
The second photo shows the inside as seen from the vacuum exhaust port. Below you can see a donut-shaped high-temperature superconducting coil. At the time of the experiment, this superconducting coil weighing about 100 kg rises to the center position of the vacuum vessel by magnetic force (right side of the third photo), forming a magnetosphere that imitates a planet. The plasma is confined in this magnetosphere and shines along the lines of magnetic force (left side of the photo).
When the work inside was completed, the removed bellows joint was lifted with a crane and reattached. Finally, vacuum exhaust was performed, and it was confirmed that there were no major problems such as leaks, and the work was completed.
From tomorrow, we are planning to prepare for the experiment such as cooling the superconducting coil and calibrating the measuring device for the experiment to be resumed on April 8. The new year is coming and it looks like it will be a busy day.

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