Laboratory cleaning and year-end party

Laboratory cleaning and year-end party

Hello, this is Ueda of Ken Nishiura Masters one year.
The first year of Reiwa is almost a year away, and many events such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and New Year are coming soon.
The Yoshida / Saito / Nishiura lab to which I belong is also an annual event, cleaning up and year-end party on Monday, December 23.

There are many rooms in the laboratory, such as a living room and a laboratory, which are managed by a large amount of cleaning.
As a member of the whole group, we will start the whole day, but it will not be enough, sometimes we will get cooperation from OBs.
Inexperienced first-year students are learning the importance of keeping things organized, worried about dealing with mysterious items that are constantly digging out.

This year’s year-end party was attended by many students from Yamada Labs and Mito Labs who were not able to meet the teachers directly because of the collaborative course like me at Nishiura Lab. We were able to welcome you in a large household.
There is also a preaching to me who is remorseful and tired of the general cleaning, and rushing from the seniors and teachers who got on
In the meantime, even the sad memories of dropping an important smartphone that day and breaking it into a bucky baki are disappearing as bubbles all in front of the year-end party and drinking.
As I read, I washed away the annoyance of this year, and forgot it.

At this time, it is not possible at this time to know when this status report will be actually posted, but I would like to conclude with this word because it is a promise.

Wish you a good year.

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