Public Open Lecture @ Miraikan

Public Open Lecture @ Miraikan

Everyone, very much Hello. I’m Mimura from the Osaki Laboratory.

I am currently an undergraduate student, but I will continue to take care of you at the Osaki Laboratory from next year. Thank you.

With the guidance of Mr. Terao, some members of Osaki Lab participated in a public lecture held at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation on November 24 as staff.
The demonstrations included superconducting coasters, human magnetic levitation, and cryogenic experiences using liquid nitrogen, asking children of elementary school age to experience the properties of superconductivity and cryogenic temperatures.

Although the demonstration was a magnetic levitation using superconductors and permanent magnets, the superconducting coaster is a floating superconductor that runs like a roller coaster on a rail made of permanent magnets, and human magnetic levitation is even for adults The idea was to float a permanent magnet large enough to ride on a magnet and continue to float even if a person actually rides on the magnet.
Other demonstrations include making dry ice and liquid oxygen using liquid nitrogen.
After all, it is a strange phenomenon that elementary school students are not familiar with, so I think that you could have enjoyed it a lot on this day.

I was conducting the experiment in front of the family who came to see me as the demonstration staff, but it may have been like the atmosphere of Dr. Denjiro Yonemura. It may have been too disgusting.

Thank you very much for the first time attending, including the staff of RIKEN, and for giving me guidance on the work. In fact, it was a valuable experience for me when I first landed at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.

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