Football tournament champion!

Football tournament champion!
Hello! I’m Tanaka, 2nd year master student of Ono Yasushi Lab! It is getting chilly in late autumn. In the fall of sports, our lab, which is also majoring in electrical science, has participated in the electrical ball games competition! Participation event is futsal! This time, assistant professor Tanabe also participated and formed an all-star team with seniors and juniors! (The guardian deity is Anup, an international student from India)
Although there were several experienced players, it was a league match that I was determined to win hard, but I struggled to attack Osaki Lab’s persistent defense. With only 1 minute left, the assistant professor’s explosive shot was decided and the league broke through! In the tournament, we battled against dark horse VISSEL KOBE (what a lab it was), and in the final we managed to win the battle against Hori Fujimoto’s high-spec corps! Although their abilities were almost equal, in the end I think that the teamwork cultivated through experiments was the key to victory.
I think recently that if you try to write a dissertation sooner, it may be quicker for you to research and write quickly. However, I think that it is best to work together as a team if you want to go higher and do good research.
I’ll do my best next year! (Of course, I will do my best)

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