Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

Hello, this is the Wang of Koizumi laboratory master’s degree two years. Koizumi Lab has many students, but few international students. I was the first international student to enter Koizumi Lab (although Pierre entered by air from autumn).

I have loved spacecraft and airplanes since I was little, and someday I would like to participate in space development. I have heard that international students do not want to participate in the space development project, but in this laboratory I participated in the development of the water propulsion system AQUARIUS. thank you very much.

It is difficult to balance research and project, but when I am in trouble, all the members of the lab will be kind to help me. Thanks to you, I felt that I was able to grow very much in a year and a half. ま す I will do my best for the remaining six months. Thank you.

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