30 years anniversary party of Ohsaki laboratory

30 years anniversary party of Ohsaki laboratory

Hello, I’m Enoda, a 2nd-year master student at Ohsaki laboratory.
The sunny days suddenly have fallen into a very cold one. How is your health? I’ve caught a serious cold.

In this article, I will tell you about the Ohsaki lab’s 30 years anniversary party that was held in the Yamaue-Kaikan in Hongo Campus in last April.

Ohsaki laboratory started as Masada-Ohsaki laboratory in the first year of Heisei-era.
At that time I heard that they focused on the research on electronics, but recently we are extensively researching superconductivity.
As a result, the alumni are playing important roles in a variety of fields and I anticipate many people have heard the rumor that the era name next to “Heisei” would be “Ohsaki”.

The anniversary party began with the lecture by alumni. We especially enjoyed the talk on “who was most often scolded by Professor Ohsaki” and I still remember that even now 2 months after that party.

Filled with laughter and tears we had a convivial party after the lectures.
I had many chances to talk with old alumni. Especially I am the 4th person to hold responsibility for my research theme, and it was very exciting to have a talk with those who were the 2nd or 3rd person to that theme before.
At the peak of the party did the photo slideshow show up.
Kato and Sinjo, both my colleagues, edited it and it was a great success!
The party ended with Professor Ohsaki’s kind words.

Ohsaki laboratory will last still more.
Professor Ohsaki is a respectful teacher in every aspect ranging from friendship with students, overwhelming knowledge to various achievements.
As one of the members of Ohsaki laboratory, I wish to rigorously lead a research life and make efforts.
I sincerely wish for my friends in Ohsaki laboratory, friends at the soccer club and everyone else to lead a wonderful student life.

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