A new step from the Department of Advanced Energy ~ My career after graduation and challenge for a great breakthrough ~

A new step from the Department of Advanced Energy ~ My career after graduation and challenge for a great breakthrough ~

Hello, I am Hata, a former PhD student at Hori-Fujimoto Laboratory in the Department of Advanced Energy. From this year, I have been appointed an assistant professor at Takamiya Laboratory, in the Institute of Industrial Science.

Today I would like to write about my past research activities and the challenges in the new world. Hopefully this article will help you with your research activities in the Department of Advanced Energy and your career after graduation.

First, I briefly introduce my past research activities.

I spent a master’s course and a doctoral course at Hori-Fujimoto laboratory, and researched on “onroad wireless power transfer”, that sends electricity wirelessly to a running electric vehicle (EV). Our goal is to promote the electrification of automobiles and decarbonization in the transportation field by establishing an innovative energy supply means for EV, which will be responsible for future traffic.

In doctoral dissertation, we focused on control design and system construction of wireless power transfer technology while driving, and worked on various technical proposals and demonstration experiments including actual vehicle driving. Through these research activities, I nurtured basic technology that is the basis of ideas, logical thinking ability to identify the essence of things, execution ability to consistently execute from theory construction to actual machine verification, and explanation ability that clearly convey new technologies, and so on. I believe that it will be a great support for future research activities.

From this April, though facing a great change in the environment at Takamiya Laboratory in the Institute of Industrial Science, which is a new affiliation, I am working on research and work with my full power every day.
Takamiya Laboratory is researching power supply technology such as IoT field and wearable / implantable devices, with LSI (Large-Scale Integration / Large-Scale Integrated circuit) design as core technology. In addition, by integrating with the power electronics field which I specialize in, we are opening up a new research field called “Integrated Power Management” and working on innovative research and development that is not tied to conventional technologies.
In future research, we aim to develop innovative technology that nobody has ever achieved in the world by combining LSI design technology (weak electric power system) which is the strength of Takamiya laboratory, and power control technology (high electric power system) which is our strength. It is extremely courageous to dive into new academic fields, but I feel that the environment in which we create cutting-edge technologies together while stimulating each other will make us grow substantially.

There are many unknown parts in the new environment, and every day of study, but trying something is a good opportunity to return to the beginning. Based on the knowledge and technology acquired through the research activities at the graduate school, I would like to encourage daily research so that I can build a surprising technology from now on and make a great leap as an OB in the Advanced Energy Engineering Department.

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