Laboratory New Year’s Party (Yokoyama Lab)

Laboratory New Year’s Party (Yokoyama Lab)

Hello everyone.
It is Yokoyama laboratory.
This time, I would like to report the state of the New Year party held at Dr. Yokoyama’s home.

Students and OBs gather at the teacher’s home and celebrate the New Year with delicious food and drink.

This time we introduce Takoyaki Challenge, an annual event.
New students are waving their arms to burn Takoyaki, which brings up Dr. Yokoyama from Kansai.

First of all, foreign students from China are challenging.
It was baked so well that I didn’t think it would be the first time to bake it.

Next, Koike from Japan challenges.

Oops! very!
I can not graduate if I make such a dirty octopus dumpling!
Oh No! (≧◇≦)

After borrowing the power of the senior of the second season veteran M2 here,
A very beautiful octopus grilled.
Koike, I avoided repeated years.
Mr. Yokoyama also gave me a pass.

Like this, New Year’s party was held from the beginning to the end and it was very enjoyable.

Finally I took a group photo.
Everyone has a good smile.
Please have a good year.

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