Fusion venture · Tokamak Energy Inc. ST – 40 Tokamak coalescence experiment started!

Fusion venture · Tokamak Energy Inc. ST – 40 Tokamak coalescence experiment started!

When using coalescence / reconnection heating, it is easy to achieve 100 million degrees even for a medium tokamak experiment equipment establishment of a fusion reactor. Based on this scaling rule founded by Ono Laboratory, the ST – 40 Tokamak coalescence experiment (photo lower right) started at Tokamak Energy Company, a fusion venture company. Tokamak Energy Company is a company that Gryazvevich et al. Made a collaborative cooperative heating experiment between us with British Columbia Laboratory MAST experiment (upper right in the picture), and Ono joined the adviser, continuing from MAST era, Ono Lab members switched I am in charge of key combination heating method and ion temperature tomography measurement (lower left in the photo). Oxford is preparing for the ST – 40 coalescence experiment while staying in Oxford, in a college town with an old history since the 12th century (the upper left of the photo), while students and teachers (upper right in the photo) are staying in Oxford. Although the ion temperature is still around 10 million degrees at the time when trial operation using the weak magnetic field is still successful, the next experiment is scheduled to restart the second half of March, gradually improving the magnetic field aiming at 100 million degrees We are planning to make it.

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