Assumption of associate professor Haruhiko Saito

Assumption of associate professor Haruhiko Saito

Associate professor Haruhiko Saito (fundamental lecture, plasma science and engineering course) was appointed to Advanced Energy Engineering Major on October 1, 2018. Assignment to the laboratory will be started from the entrance examination in FY2003 (conducted in the summer of the year, summer of 31st).

Introduction of laboratory :
We are conducting experimental research on plasma science and engineering. The fact that the dipole magnetic field produced by an annular coil is an excellent confined configuration of charged particles has been demonstrated in observations and laboratory studies in the planetary magnetosphere. It is an idea according to the nature of nature to utilize it for nuclear fusion and for use as a charged particle trap such as antimatter and various ions. Movement of charged particles in a dipole magnetic field which seems easy at first glance is never simple even for the trajectory of a single particle due to the non-conservation of adiabatic invariants and the effect of chaos. The collective phenomenon that many particle groups show as plasma is more complicated, and interesting behavior such as spontaneous structure formation and particle acceleration is observed. With the magnetospheric type coordination RT-1 with a superconducting magnetic levitation coil as a central experimental apparatus, we are deepening the universal understanding of plasma phenomena, and the development of high performance plasmas suitable for advanced fusion and new charged particle traps such as positrons We will advance research aiming at realization.

Career Summary:
He graduated from the Faculty of Science in Kyoto University in 2000 and completed doctoral program in Advanced Energy Engineering major in the University of Tokyo School of Founded Sciences in 2005. At graduate school, we work on experimental research on flowing plasma and pure electron plasma in the inner conductor device Proto-RT. As a special scientist at the Yamazaki Atomic Physics Laboratory, RIKEN, he joined the ASACUSA experiment of CERN aiming for antihydrogen synthesis and engaged in research on densification of non-neutral plasma in cusp field. In 2006 he joined Tokyo University Assistant Professor (Assistant Professor from 2007) and will conduct research on chaotic orbit of high temperature plasma, non-neutral plasma and positron in the magnetospheric device RT-1. He joined the group leader of Max Planck-Plasma Physics Laboratory (Germany) in 2013 and engaged in research aiming at realization of electronic positron plasma by dipole magnetic field using positron source NEPOMUC of Munich Institute of Technology. In October 2018 he appointed Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo (current position).


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