A new book on rocket engine and space exploration

A new book on rocket engine and space exploration

Hello, this is Koizumi. A new book written in the summer “How far can the universe go – the power and future of the rocket engine” was published by Chukyo Publishing. I am talking about the interest, the method, and the future of space exploration for the general public. I sell it as a rocket engine, but it becomes a book of space exploration that how to go to space, where and how to explore.

Expertise is absolutely unnecessary so I’d like to enjoy the topic related to space development that I receive with news every day “” I am interested in the universe but it is difficult to keep it so difficult “” Recommended especially for those who would like to learn space engineering at universities and graduate schools ” is. On the contrary, if you are already specializing in this road, we recommend this book to grasp the full picture, but we recommend a specialized book to study space propulsion engineering and space exploration firmly ( Rocket Propulsion Elements, Introductory Electric Propulsion Rocket, Power Sailing with Ion Engine, Exploring the Solar System, etc).

Note that this book is based on the lecture of “Science Bar Rocket Edition” which was held ten times since the summer of 2015 (Recently, the 11th meeting was held in commemoration of the publication). It features a structure that introduces the technology necessary for space exploration and its future while gradually moving the theme to the far away from the earth to the universe and further into the universe. In addition, we describe the developmental story of the small ion engine (PROCYON and “Hodoyoshi No.4”) in our laboratory, the features and future of various electric propulsion (ion engine, hole thruster, magnetic nozzle thruster etc.) I will.

Please feel the key technology of space exploration, the results so far, and the future figure.

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