All I do now is to make models

All I do now is to make models

I have been making a model for several days. Even if it is said, during the autumn holiday (there was such a thing?) I am not planning to make a plastic model, but a model for a wind tunnel experiment. On the Kashiwa campus there is an ultra high speed wind tunnel that can deliver Mach 7 speed, which is not exactly the same situation (the reality is faster and harder), and how to feel when the satellite enters the atmosphere You can do. R & D of aerodynamic air brake (aero shell) for rushing in the atmosphere to gather at the laboratory of JAXA ISAKEN, Osaka University, Okahama University, Osaka University, Osaka University, Osaka University, Osaka University, Osaka University, Hokkaido University, spreading like an umbrella Although I wrote before, I decided to have a super satellite of 10 cm x 10 cm x 30 cm released from the International Space Station in 2020 as the next flight experiment, and I am in a hurry to develop for that. After several breasts, the shape of the satellite finally became visible. So, it will be a story about model making at the beginning. Clearly, this is fun. Because it is not decided by a person, but it is made by himself to make a model of the shape designed by ourselves. The model is small, but presbyopia, what will you do.
I made it for the time being so I made it for the time being. The left side shows the state of the satellite that opened the solar panel (the film surface is stretched to earn air resistance), the right figure throws out the solar cell and enters the atmosphere The last figure (only making bones Heat resistant cloth is not sewn.) Now before the experiment, put on the palm of your hand and see as much as you want. If you imagine the brave appearance of our satellite flying at the edge of the atmosphere, a smile can be spilled without thinking.
That’s why, it was Suzuki Kojiro.

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