Prof. Uenishi (Core laboratories), Assoc. Prof. Aoki (Cooperative laboratories) Appointed

Prof. Uenishi (Core laboratories), Assoc. Prof. Aoki (Cooperative laboratories) Appointed

The following two faculty members arrived on April 1, 2018.

1)Professor,  Koji UENISHI(Core laboratories,Energy Conversion System Laboratory)

2)Associate professor,  Yuichiro AOKI(Cooperative laboratories,Space Energy System Coopereting Laboratory)

The above assignment to each laboratory is started from the entrance examination in FY1991. If you wish to enroll in a master’s program and want to assign to each laboratory, follow the instructions below.


【Descriptive method in the aspiration survey form】

Alphabet capital letters are assigned to each teacher in the aspiration survey form. In the laboratory of the newly appointed teacher, assign an alpha bed as follows.

W:Professor,  Koji UENISHI

X:Associate professor,  Yuichiro AOKI

If you wish for each laboratory, please use the above alphabet.

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