T. Fujita Laboratory

Thermal System Engineering Cooperating with Electrical Vehicles

Power Electronics ,Wireless Power Transfer

Toshiyuki FUJITA, Project Lecturer

FUJITA, Toshiyuki

T. Fujita Laboratory


Introduction of Laboratory

We conduct research on the energy management system to realize CO2 zero emissions on storage parity age. We will consider the ideal way of homes, buildings, and communities that do not depend on the power grid system by combining solar cells and storage batteries, heat pump water heaters, electric vehicles, etc. to store electric energy in various ways. We aim to utilize the surplus electricity generated by introduction of solar cells as a stable consumption by charging electric vehicles whether EVs are stopped or running. Furthermore, we study the development of high efficiency from the viewpoint of power electronics for heat pumps, motors, and power converters, which are the consumptions.

Career Summary

M.S. Electronic Physics, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Panasonic Corporation
Technova Inc.
Ph.D., Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Project Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Current position