Publication of books

Publication of books

Hello, I am Hiroyuki Koizumi from the Department of Advanced Energy Engineering. In late summer, when the graduate school entrance examinations were over and I was getting back to normal, I received a call for publication of three of my books (partially written chapters, etc.) at almost the same time by coincidence. The publication of a new book is always a joy, so I would like to introduce them here.

 The first book is here:
「素朴な疑問VS東大 「なぜ?」から始まる学術入門」 (KADOKAWA) 東京大学広報室 (編集),2023

This is a book version of a special issue of the same name in the University of Tokyo’s public relations magazine, Dansei. In the special feature, University of Tokyo faculty members answer 21 familiar questions of concern, and the question I answered was “Why don’t satellites fall?” I answered the question, “Why don’t satellites fall? I answered, “They keep falling.” The original article was written in July 2022, the special issue was published in October of the same year, and the book was decided on and proofread in June 2023, so it was a very speedy publication.

The second book is the next one:
“Next Generation CubeSats and SmallSats – Enabling Technologies, Missions, and Markets,” ELSEVIER Editors: Francesco Branz, Chantal Cappelletti, Antonio J. Ricco, John Hines, 2023 Paperback ISBN: 9780128245415, eBook ISBN: 9780128245422

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This is a completely technical article, Chapter 19: “Dual-mode propulsion systems for SmallSats”, written with Prof. Joshua L. Rovey of the University of Illinois Dual-mode propulsion is propulsion in which one propellant is used to activate two or more propulsion systems. It describes an ‘integrated ion thruster and cold gas thruster propulsion system’ that was developed in my laboratory and operated in space on a small space probe called PROCYON (both are powered by xenon; I understand it was activated in 2015). This was written in February 2021, so it took well over two and a half years to publish.

And the third book is here:
“The Nanosatellite Revolution: 30 Years and Continuing,” SPIE Editors: Henry Helvajian; Siegfried W. Janson,2023 DF ISBN: 9781510649347, Print ISBN: 9781510649330

In this Chapter 3: “One Year On-Orbit Operation of a Micropropulsion System Using an Ion Thruster and Cold-Gas Thrusters on a 50-Kg-Class Micro Space Probe, PROCYON”. Like the second book, it is about the PROCYON propulsion system, but I wrote it as an operational memorandum rather than an academic explanation. I once wrote an article “PROCYON propulsion system for the micro deep space probe: from development to space operation and lessons learnt” in the Journal of the Plasma and Fusion Society in 2016. This is a pair of articles. No, it should be. After all, this was written in March 2019 (!). and I was writing it four years ago, remembering the events of four years ago, so I can hardly remember the content now (and I don’t want to reread it). However, I am sure that I wrote about a very detailed (and difficult) part of the space operation, and it should also contain the highlight and extremely geeky story of the operation, Block Command #214, if you are interested in reading it (it is expensive at 140USD on Amazon)!が…)。

And finally, I must say something important. None of the three books in this issue will receive a penny of royalties from me (why???). . Please understand that any invitations to have a drink with the royalties will therefore be rejected. If you organise a celebratory drink, there is nothing to prevent you from doing so. But why?

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