Spring Dispatch to Oxford

Spring Dispatch to Oxford

Ono@Oxford. Ono, Tanabe, and Tanaka are now on dispatch to Oxford. The Fusion Venture Tokamak Energy Laboratory and National Columnar Laboratory are located about 30 minutes by bus from Oxford, where plasma start-up using coalescence and reconnection heating developed at the University of Tokyo is underway. The plasma is characterized by its ability to heat ions to over 10 million degrees Celsius quickly, and in April, it became the first fusion venture to achieve an ion temperature of 100 million degrees Celsius, which was reported in the newspapers. This time, the University of Tokyo is proposing a new operation mode that improves the plasma flux by 50%, X-ray tomography measurements, and a plasma heating method for the ST-80 device to be constructed next, and a lot of other work is in progress.
Oxford, England, is a university town with a long history dating back to the 12th century, and the college in the photo, New College, was founded in the 14th century. I was surprised at the history of the university. I wondered if there was electricity, let alone the internet, in the buildings, but there is electricity. I am staying at an inn next to the Thames River. The Thames is a big river in London, but when it comes to Oxford, the river is narrower and looks like the picture. It is the same river, but narrow boats, including many canals extending from the river, are passing by.
The problem is that because of the war in Ukraine, we cannot fly over Russia to get to the UK, and it now takes 14 hours to get there. It used to be closer, about a 9-hour flight, but now it takes longer than going to New York. On the way to the UK, we avoid the jet stream and reach the UK by going around the North Pole, avoiding Russia, but on the way back, we

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