Engineering Building No.10

Engineering Building No.10

Hello, I’m Ito, a first-year master’s student at Ryo Ono’s laboratory.
It’s been really cold lately. It also snowed, which is rare in the city. Due to the strongest cold wave of the year, it seems that the severe cold continues throughout Japan. How is everyone doing.

Our laboratory is located in Engineering Building No. 10, which stands quietly on the outskirts of the Hongo Campus. This building is quite old and has a charm. A new and clean building is better for my lab, but I like the brick wall exterior of Building No. 10 because it gives me a sense of history. There are many old buildings in the Hongo Campus as a whole, and the row of old-fashioned school buildings in front of the main gate is really worth seeing. If you have a chance to come to the Hongo Campus, why not take a walk and enjoy the scenery?
Well, when you go to the laboratory, you will find some old experimental equipment that is no longer in use. The photo shows a device that generates a large-scale electric discharge called a Marx generator. I think that the place where such old equipment is stored is also an attraction where you can feel the history of the laboratory.

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