Graduation research experience

Graduation research experience

Hello. I’m Kamiya, a fourth-year undergraduate in the Fujimoto-Shimizu-Fujita laboratory. Now that the time has finally come for my graduation thesis and master’s thesis, I would like to write about my graduation research.
I am currently conducting research on sensorless wind speed estimation for drones.
I started my research in April of last year, and I think that it has been 10 months that have felt very dense and long in a short period of time. Initially, I was considering a theme related to SLAM that was quite difficult to experiment with, but considering the demand, difficulty, and previous research of my seniors, I changed my policy halfway through and arrived at the current theme. I feel that the experience of designing and assembling an experimental bench was both difficult and valuable. Regarding research, I am grateful to not only the people in my own laboratory but also the professors in other laboratories for their support, such as the use of a wind tunnel with the cooperation of Dr. Kojiro Suzuki of the Aviation Department. Doing.
The deadline for my graduation thesis is approaching, but I would like to do my best to write something good in my own way.

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