There will be a book!

There will be a book!

Hello everyone!
I’m Terao, an assistant professor at Osaki Lab.

This time, I will publish a book by sharing writing.


in this book, I was in charge of writing the part of

Part 3 Chapter 3 Section 2 Development of electric propulsion aircraft motors using superconducting technology

Because it is not for general use, the price is supposed to be amazing (^ ^;

Far from heat countermeasures for motors, heat countermeasures in research laboratories and laboratories are full of heat! !

It seems that there are many people who say.
However, in the midst of all this, the kind people who kindly told me that I could buy it at the laboratory, etc.

・Daily use
・For storage

Please purchase a quota of 3 books from
And if the daily use becomes tattered and you can’t read it, please give me another one! lol

By the way, I’m currently writing another single book, so when it’s finished, I’ll be able to promote it without any prejudice (?)!

Finally, the hot days continue, but let’s do our best to study, research, and attend academic conferences.

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