Long-awaited! “Face-to-face” conference presentation

Long-awaited! “Face-to-face” conference presentation

Hello! I’m Marumiya from Suzuki Lab M2. Recently, the number of people infected with the new corona has been increasing again, and I have been worried about it, but I feel that it is easier to go out on the condition that we take proper measures against infectious diseases compared to a long time ago. I’m a big travel lover, so I’ll keep an eye on the number of infected people, but I’d like to enjoy the last summer vacation of my students! (Of course, to the extent that it does not interfere with research … lol)

The other day, the 54th Fluid Mechanics Lecture / 40th Aerospace Numerical Simulation Technology Symposium was held “face-to-face” in Morioka in line with the trend of the world. It was the first conference and face-to-face presentation for me, so I participated with a mixture of expectations and anxieties. On the eve of the announcement day, we will do some self-rehearsals for the final check at the hotel, and we will make the announcement without regrets! I swore to my heart (while telling you?) And fell asleep. In the actual performance, the hand holding the pointer trembled, and the presentation was quicker than the practice, but after a warm question and answer time of everyone at the venue, I was able to finish without major trouble. I would like to thank all the teachers, attendees, and everyone who managed the conference for guiding me toward the presentation at the conference.

By the way, I have talked about my experience at the academic conference so far, but I think some of you may be a little curious about what kind of research I have presented. I would like to introduce my research to such people (even those who do not … lol)! I experimentally consider the shape of an airplane that reduces the sonic boom (noise generated from shock waves) generated by hypersonic passenger planes that fly at speeds more than five times the speed of sound, and support its practical application from the aspect of aerodynamics. We are conducting research aimed at this. We will conduct an experiment by putting a model and a measuring device that we designed in a device (wind tunnel) that can blow the wind of Mach 7 (a speed that can move between Tokyo and Osaka in about four and a half minutes!). It’s an experiment in a harsh environment, so I’m thrilled during ventilation, but I feel a sense of accomplishment when the experiment is completed successfully! (After that, data organization like a demon is waiting … lol) At the Kashiwa campus, many interesting studies [1] other than me are being conducted using this wind tunnel, so please be interested. I would be happy if you could get it.

It’s hard to say that the world is calm, with shocking events happening these days and days when you can’t see the future. I want to spend my time without forgetting my feelings.

[1] Kashiwa Hypersonic High Enthalpy Wind Tunnel-The University of Tokyo-Research Results

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