Studying in the laboratory

Studying in the laboratory

Hello. I’m Gonninghe, a first year master’s student at Okamoto Lab.
At Okamoto Lab, we are conducting experimental and numerical analysis research mainly on internal thermal fluids related to aerospace propulsion systems, so basically many students from mechanical and aerospace engineering are enrolled. , There are students from the information and electrical and electronic engineering fields like myself, and we are promoting academic fusion by accepting students from various backgrounds.

Okamoto Lab’s bookshelf also has the most academic books and papers on noise, vibration, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, etc., but there are also books on programming and job hunting, so you can study various themes. increase. The attached photo is a complete collection of the Journal of the Aeronautical Research Institute (Tôkyô Imperial University) that I found while looking for a power tap in the laboratory the other day. I was surprised that not only English but also German was frequently used in the dissertation 100 years ago.

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