Computational fluid dynamics and data assimilation

Computational fluid dynamics and data assimilation

Hello. I’m Senzaki from Suzuki Lab M2. It’s been getting colder in the last few days, and it’s finally winter. I’m not good at winter, and I miss the beautiful autumn leaves that I saw a while ago, but I think that this cold weather is also fun because it can be said that it is a change unique to Japan with four seasons.
This time, I would like to write about my research, my daily research life, and the online conference that was held the other day.
I am conducting research on predicting clear-air turbulence, which is considered difficult, in order to reduce aircraft accidents. We aim to build a highly accurate prediction technology that combines fluid simulation and data assimilation, and the photo shows the result of data assimilation between two 2D laminar flows with different inflow velocities. Data assimilation is a statistical inference technique that inputs observations into a simulation model to obtain more accurate results. It is a technology that has been developed in the field of earth science and is still used for weather forecasts. The underlying estimation method is the same as the trendy AI, and it is a very interesting and dreamy technology, so I personally want more people to recognize it.
Due to the recent corona disaster, I connect to the laboratory PC remotely from my home and spend days repeating trial and error to obtain more accurate simulation results. It is mentally tough because I spend a lot of time facing the program alone, but the moment I get the progress of my research based on the advice I received from the professor is great, and I feel the joy of research.
At the presentation of my research at the online conference (35th Symposium on Computational Fluid Dynamics) that I attended the other day, I was able to get a good understanding of the significance of my research, and I was able to receive advice for the future. Also, it was a very meaningful experience to hear many other research presentations. Although I was afraid that I would like to participate in the conference held locally, I am surprised that I can get such a fulfilling conference experience while staying at home and I am grateful to the management.
Although I have only a few master’s lives left, I would like to enjoy the program so that I can obtain better research results.

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