Looking back on the graduate school entrance examination in the situation of coronavirus

Looking back on the graduate school entrance examination in the situation of coronavirus

Hello everyone. I’m Hamada from Fujimoto / Shimizu / Fujita Laboratory M1.

Since October has begun, the number of cool days has increased recently.
There are still days when the heat remains, but I feel that autumn is approaching, which is great for me, who is not good at heat.

On a different note, last month, the results of the graduate school exam for next year’s graduate school admission were announced.
Therefore, I would like to look back on the institute examination when I entered the university from Tsukuba University last year.

Last year, shortly after COVID-19 began to make noise, I remember that it was very difficult because the entrance examination form was not decided and both the university side and the examinees were confused.
The content of the test was suddenly changed to the online institute test, which consisted of an oral test for essays, an oral test for basic subjects, and TOEFL or TOEIC pre-submission.
In particular, it was quite painful for me to change the English entrance examination format to TOEFL IBT.

As for the entrance exam preparation, I did the past questions of the previous energy HP, of course, but last year I was studying not to neglect the solution of basic problems and the definition of mathematical formulas because it was only an oral exam.
Since I didn’t have enough information for the external examination, I also searched for the hospital examination experience blog etc. to collect information.
Also, I think that the essay is special for the pre-energy institute exam, so I advise those who may take the exam to check it once with their colleagues and seniors! (I don’t think you can see it)

It was such a turbulent entrance exam, but I was able to pass the graduate school safely.
Currently, I am devoted to research every day surrounded by people in the laboratory who are too excellent, and I feel that I am really glad that I passed the entrance examination last year.
I will continue to do my best in my research activities without forgetting that I am in this blessed environment!

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