Airplane business trip after a long absence (Go To JAXA Noshiro Proving Ground)

Airplane business trip after a long absence (Go To JAXA Noshiro Proving Ground)

Hello everyone, this is Terao from Osaki Lab.
Although the situation of Corona is still unpredictable, the number of infected people is gradually decreasing, probably because of the progress of vaccination.
I already hit it twice, but the side effects were tough …

Personally, next year’s international conference will be in Honolulu, so I hope it will be settled as soon as possible …

By the way, what is the outpost (?), But the other day I went to Akita on a business trip by plane for the first time in about a year and a half! The destination is JAXA’s Noshiro Rocket Testing Center in Noshiro City.
Compared to the Kanto region, the area was really cool and comfortable to spend.

[Noshiro Rocket Experiment Station]

Currently, we are conducting research on future air passenger aircraft such as electric aircraft, and since liquid hydrogen can be one of the important technological elements, we will consider future research and investigate experimental facilities etc. I went.

The test site shown in the photo (quoted from JAXA HP) faces the coast, and many wind power generators (2 MW, direct drive system) were operating around it.
In addition to various engine-related buildings located in the test site, there were tanks for liquid oxygen and concrete slopes for letting out the flames when the rocket engine was injected, but due to the effects of the flames, concrete was used. It was quite fresh that the iron pipe inside was exposed after peeling off.

Although it is the main place to visit, the place where liquid hydrogen is actually supplied and the measurement room for monitoring the situation are about 200 m apart in a straight line, and on the day we will observe the state of the experiment of the research group of Kyoto University. I was able to.

A huge liquid hydrogen tank and transportation pipe were laid near the building about 200 m away from the measurement room, and multiple pressure valve panels for liquid hydrogen were placed inside the experimental building. I was also overwhelmed by the scale of the pipes, which were stretched over a huge cryostat to store the experimental samples, and the power supply of 400 A in total.

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t done the liquid hydrogen experiment since I was a student, and I couldn’t imagine a facility to create a “20 K cooling environment”, but it’s finally beyond my imagination. I was able to have an image.

I think that liquid hydrogen will become an important factor in the world, including energy issues, in the future, but as a person involved in research related to electric propulsion aircraft and superconductivity, this business trip has become very meaningful. rice field.

I would like to think about some new research themes by referring to the facilities I visited on this business trip.

And how to bring money … sweat

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