New experience

New experience

Hello. I am a 1st year master’s student at Baba Laboratory. In September, the heat has eased and it has become a season for research to progress. In this article, I would like to introduce the state of the “Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan Tokyo Chapter Conference” held the other day. This event is called “Presentation for students toward the full-scale debut of the academic society” and is held every year mainly for the purpose of presenting research for 4th year undergraduate students who have no experience of presenting at academic societies. This year, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was held online.

At this event, students belonging to a university in Kanto made a presentation about their research. I chaired this recital. I myself had little experience in presenting at academic conferences and could not understand the role of the chairman, so I was nervous. The role of the chair was three points: moderator, timekeeper, and chair evaluation. It was very difficult to check the time and think about the next progress while listening to the content of the presentation. In particular, I felt that the participants were nervous and couldn’t speak well when they didn’t ask many questions. In the end, I was relieved that I was able to proceed on time, but when I was chaired again, I felt that I would like to take advantage of this reflection.
I was involved in the management of the recital for the first time this time, and when I participated as a presenter, I realized the difficulty of management that I did not notice. However, at the same time, I also felt the advantage of being able to listen carefully to each presentation because I have a strong side as a listener. I would like to make use of this experience to participate in future conferences and presentations.
The temperature difference will also increase, so I would like to be careful about my physical condition and work hard on my research.

Reference: Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan “Reiwa 3rd Year Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan Tokyo Chapter Conference”

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