Introduction and start-up of Toshiyuki Fujita laboratory

Introduction and start-up of Toshiyuki Fujita laboratory

I’m Fujita, a specially appointed lecturer at Toshiyuki Fujita’s laboratory.
From March 1st of this year, I have been appointed as a full-time faculty member of the “EV Cooperative Thermal System Engineering” Social Collaboration Course.
“EV cooperative thermal system engineering” social cooperation course was established in the graduate school on January 1, 2021.
It is installed in electric vehicles and batteries that use electric energy and at home.
It will be a laboratory that considers coordinated control of heat energy such as air conditioners and heat pumps.
Energy generated by using compatible solar power generation that is wasted due to peak cuts, etc.
Aiming to use it efficiently by using it for EVs while driving,
We have started joint research with Daikin Industries, Ltd. aiming for a zero-emission society.
In this social cooperation course, it is used for EVs and air conditioners.
Efficient operation method of motor that converts electricity into power,
For improving the efficiency of converters such as batteries and chargers for EVs
We will conduct research on power electronics.
In addition, renewable energy, electrical energy, thermal energy, kinetic energy
We will also consider strategies for optimally distributing the shape-changing energy.
The photos shown are for the energy management system that we plan to create.
With simulated system cooperation power supply (black)
This is a motor test device that is being researched as a joint research.
Of course, we are looking for master’s and doctoral students for this course!
Toshiyuki Fujita’s laboratory is operated together with Hiroshi Fujimoto’s laboratory and Shimizu’s laboratory.
You can research with many students and staff while touching various research contents.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to hear more about your research or if you are interested.
Fujimoto / Shimizu / Fujita Lab HP

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