About the Space Earth Frontier International Graduate School of Excellence (IGPEES)

About the Space Earth Frontier International Graduate School of Excellence (IGPEES)

Hello, I’m Suenaga, a first year doctoral student at Suzuki (Hiroshi) Lab.
Upon admission, there are several possible scholarship candidates, but the representative ones are the Japan Student Services Organization’s Type 1 and Type 2 scholarships, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science’s Outstanding Graduate Program, and the Research Fellowship Program ( DC) and so on. Today, I would like to introduce one of the outstanding graduate programs that I have adopted, the “Space Earth Frontier International Excellent Graduate Program (IGPEES)”.
In the first place, the “Outstanding Graduate School Program” is a program that utilizes the strengths of each graduate school nationwide to develop doctoral human resources who can play an active role in the world in collaboration with domestic and overseas graduate schools, research institutes, and the private sector for five years. The University of Tokyo also consists of a collection of multiple individual programs. One of them, IGPEES, focuses on research in specialized fields related to space and earth sciences, and when it is adopted, it will have a deputy supervisor in a specialized field different from its own laboratory, and will have hundreds of thousands of scholarships every month. Along with the Yen scholarship, you will be given the opportunity to do group work with various course participants, and to do joint research and internships at home and abroad. To complete the course, in addition to the documents and reports related to the above, you will need to take a prescribed lecture, apply for DC every year, and take an examination (QE, FE) at the end of your master’s degree. The target research theme is basically anything related to space and the earth, and I am researching on the theme of Mars exploration aircraft, but in the same period, dinosaur fossils, microbial DNA to galaxies There are people with various themes, including the theoretical model of the birth of. It was a very interesting and interesting experience to be closely involved with them in group work-style intensive lectures.
Compared to other programs, there are relatively few restrictions and workloads, but the opportunities and financial support that can be obtained are good, making it a very grateful program. To apply, you will need to prepare a research plan and take an oral examination at the end of the first semester of your master’s degree. The format of the application documents is fairly solid and similar to the DC documents, so I think that just creating the application documents will be a good foundation for those who have just entered the university. Please try it!

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